Thank you for visiting my website! I expect you are a home buyer and want to know more about having a home inspection before your firm up your transaction.

Having a home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process and its purpose is to provide you with more information about the home you fell in love with. No home is perfect and my job is not to make or break your deal. As an experienced, licensed carpenter since 1991, my role is to inspect the home and give you an assessment of my findings so you can feel more at ease about your decision. I trust my website will answer some the questions you may have about the process.

Sellers should also consider a pre-listing home inspection before putting their home on the market! It can alert the homeowner to things that need attention and can be corrected ahead of time. This can help in seeing a higher value of your home and eliminate possible re-negotiations should issues be left unrepaired and found during an inspection.

No matter what reason you are here, feel free to give me a call to answer any questions you may have about home inspecting. I am from Walkerton, ON, but cover a wide area surrounding Walkerton, Hanover, Mildmay, Kincardine, Port Elgin and many areas in Grey and Bruce Counties.



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