What to do with extra paint!

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We all have leftover paint in our garage from past projects. You stashed it away for a reason—so it’s time to put it to good use. Compare the color of it to the paint on your walls, doors, or baseboards. If it doesn’t match, you’ll need to use it for other projects. Note that if it’s an indoor paint, it can still be used on small projects outdoors, but will not hold up as well as exterior paint to sun or weather exposure. A single quart of paint can cover one or more of these small projects listed below. For additional help on painting technique and color trends, visit a free Home Depot workshop covering a wide range of topics such as decorative painting.


1. Brighten Your Mailbox

Your mailbox is one of the first things people see when they come to your home. Depending on how creative you’re feeling, you could paint the mailbox a solid color with your quart of paint, or use a stencil to create images. You can also paint the numbers of the address or your last name on there—the amount of creativity is endless and completely up to you!


2. Touch-up Baseboards


Take a quick look to see how the paint on your baseboards is looking these days. If they’re scratched and dirty-looking even after a deep clean, they may need a fresh coat of paint. Using a small-tipped paint brush, apply a thin coat of paint over scratches, nicks, or creases. Just a few quick touches of paint over these discolored areas can make a room appear clean and new, as long as the paint on the walls is in good condition. If not, you may also want to touch-up scratches and spots on the walls, as long as they’re minimal. Scratches or marks on lower parts of the wall from pets, children, or everyday home traffic can be covered with this paint as well—as long as the color matches and blends into the wall once it dries. Test a small area first if you’re unsure what the result might be.


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