Fall Yard Maintenance!

School is back in and Summer is coming to an end! I love the fall season but with it comes a checklist of outdoor maintenance. Here is a compiled list of to- do’s for your yard this fall!

  1. Clear Out Flower Beds- clean all debris out of the flower beds, trim down the plants that may need pruning.
  2. Till the Garden- Do you have a veggie garden? Now is a great time to pick your last crops and till the rest. This preps your vegetable garden for the coming year.
  3. Trim the Trees- This must be done every year, it is always good to know which branches are getting out of hand, these can cause major damage to your home, or worse the neighbors!
  4. Drain Out the Water- from your hose, your irrigation system or any temporary pools you may have up. Store them in a dry place until next Spring/Summer.
  5. Clean Out your Gutters- No one wants to do this but it is necessary to avoid build up and damming in the gutters.
  6. Rake/Mulch the Yard- If you do not have tons of leaves it wouldn’t hurt to use your lawnmower to mulch them, however if you have a yard full of leaves I would rake up the majority first.
  7. Fertilizer- Spread a great fall fertilizer if you want a great lush lawn in the spring.
  8. Plant Fall Bulbs- Any shrubs/fall annuals and bulbs that are to be planted in the fall now is the time to do it. Ask your local garden center for help deciding which plants are best in the fall season.
  9. Protect Plants- The plants that are cold-sensitive must be wrapped with burlap or cloth, the shrubs you would like to keep their shape make sure you use a protective shield such as a tree tepee or make it a DIY project!
  10. Protect the Deck- Power wash the deck and then seal it with a weather proof seal. This will help make it last years longer!