A Little About Me:
I have been a tradesperson all of my life. I grew up on a farm in South Bruce County with eight siblings. I currently reside in Walkerton, ON with my spouse. We have two grown children and I am known by grandkids as “Grampy.”










How I Got My Nick-Name:
It started a long time ago…elementary school. A buddy of mine started calling me Dependable Wendel. I’m not sure why at the time, but it just stuck. Growing up on a farm, we all had our assigned chores and absolutely no choice about doing them, so you just did it, without question or complaint. I always did have a strong work ethic and tried to be reliable. I thank my parents for passing this trait on to me.







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Why I Became a Home Inspector:

Many times throughout the years, friends or family members would ask my opinion on  a home they were buying. They would want me to “check it over” for them. When I considered slowing down as a full-time carpenter, I thought home inspecting would be the next logical step as I get older.


My Hobbies and Interests:

Golf! I enjoy a round of golf in my spare time! I’m fascinated by astronomy and anything to do with nature…bird-watching, The Discovery Channel! My kids will tell you stories about how Dad always got the telescope out while sitting around the campfire on a weekend. My grandkids now ask for the telescope experience!