The Home Inspection Process – What to Expect


  • Initial meeting of the Client (usually on the phone or email)
  • Setting our appointment to do the inspection (a typical inspection takes 2-3 hours, depending upon size of home)
  • Meeting Client at the home to be inspected, I explain what I do and invite you to follow me and ask questions. I will also point things out, as we go. We sign the contract and begin
  • The inspection starts outside. I go onto the roof first and then proceed around the outside of the home examining the walls, grading and foundation
  • Then I move inside beginning in the basement and/or crawlspace to examine the major systems of the home
  • This includes the heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and so on
  • After completing basement work, I proceed through the rest of the home
  • I test all of the plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, operate windows and doors, look under sinks, in closets and go up into the attic to look for proper venting, moisture evidence and check insulation
  • I take many photographs of what I see and keep them on file with your report. You get a copy of the report whether electronically or hard copy
  • I am always available after the fact, if you have questions or concerns about something you do not understand


I prefer the home buyer or seller (the Client) be present for the inspection, as it gives them first-hand knowledge of what I am seeing and doing. Sometimes it is not possible for the client to be present. Regardless, you will have a chance to speak to me and receive a copy of the report.


My goal is to fairly and accurately report the condition of the home. My intention is not to “nitpick,” nor do I feel compelled to find problems to justify my existence. I strive to keep my findings in perspective for my clients. If a recommendation is typical for homes of that age or homes in the area, the client will be told that.


Any decisions as to whether or not you should purchase the home, or any re-negotiations, based on my findings, should be discussed with your Realtor. Your Realtor is welcome to contact me regarding your inspection, with your permission. I cannot share my inspection findings with anyone except you, my client.

Please bear in mind, I can only inspect what is accessible to me.